How to access Video Lesson after you have made a purchase

Hello! If you are here, it means that you have bought a video lesson from me. Thank you very much! Hopefully this simple guide below will help you access the video lesson. 

After purchasing the Video Lesson, we will send you a link to the video via email as soon as we can. if you clicked the link, you will come to this page below. Please click 'SIGN IN'.

After clicking 'SIGN IN', you will be directed to the page below. Enter your Gmail or create a Gmail account with the Email address that you have provided us and click 'Next'.
(We really recommend you to use a gmail address, it is a lot easier!)

After entering your Email, you will be directed to enter your password in the page below. Please enter your password and click 'Next'.

Once you have successfully sign in, you will be able to watch the video! Hope you enjoy the video!

However, if you are still unable to watch the video lesson, please contact me via Email (, we will find a way :)

- Kanny Sukseree