Kannikar Sukseree

Kanny was born in Bangkok and studied in the US. After receiving her Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, she pursued her career in the computer field while seriously taking Tole/folk art painting classes. Her passion of art/craft grew when she discovered Pergamano Parchment Craft, met with  Martha Ospina  who has been her inspiration. In 1999, she became a Registered Teacher with Teaching License from Pergamano, The Netherlands.

Moreover, her studio has been appointed by IPCA (International Parchment Craft Academy) The Centre of Pergamano Parchment Craft in Singapore. Furthermore, she is a Certified Teacher of Pebeo', France which specializes in Glass/Porcelain/Silk and Fabric painting.

She has been teaching and designing parchment craft since 1999. She is now a parchment  craft designer/author, a Graduate member of Parchment Craft Guild, UK  as well as member of Association of Parchment Craft UK.

Her specialties are white work and painting with various mediums. She is  known with her one stroke and shading techniques.

The year 2006, her designs are  being published  by Pergamano International as a pattern book called “Exclusive Creations” where she was the leading Co-Author.

In year 2007 at Pergamano World  Event, she won the honorable title of The Pergamano World Exposition completion with her design titled “My Angel”.  With participants from many countries, her  work and design received the most  votes from visitors.

In year 2008, her painting skills became known amongst parchers who were looking for new painting techniques. Another success pattern book with step-by-step was published by Pergamano International, “Amazing Brushstrokes”.

Year 2009, her embossing skill is being put together in a step-by-step parchment craft pattern book called “The Art of Embossing”.

Since year 2007, she has been invited to conduct workshops in various countries.  Through Pergamano Parchment craft, she has gained hundreds of friends whom have become good friends sharing among one another, the love of parchment craft.  Some travelled all the way from other parts of the world to meet and share parchment skills. What an amazing experience Pergamano Parchment Craft has brought to her daily life.

She wishes for new comers as well as experienced parchers would find a true passion with parchment craft. It is truly a fascinating hobby.